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About Us

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Providing Small & Midsize Businesses with Skilled IT Administration & Support


CME Technology Services, Inc. is a relationale based full service IT consulting firm based in Mount Prospect, Illinois. We

provide small and medium sized businesses with techology solutions and the know-how to apply them to their specific

business models.


Look to our experts for strategic IT guidance, management, and support that allows you to take your mind off

technology and concentrate on your core area of business.  We place a high importance on providing cost efficient

solutions that makes good business sense for your industry or field complimented by the way your team needs to work.



We guarentee to help your budget meet your business needs 

as we join together to develop a custom-tailored IT package that's right for you! 





Simplifying and Tailoring Technology to your business


We value your business strategic plans and realize that technology should not get in the way of making your business

goals a reality.  CME Technology can and will provide your business with IT Solutions that fit your budget and specific

style, in language that is understandable.


Our mission is to be transparent from start to finish.  Technology should work for you and your business, not the other way around.  Though we do not engage in technical training, we do specialize in end-user training to optimize the potential of each employee for maximum output and quality.




Reliable and Dependable Solutions


Not only can we take care of your IT needs, we also ensure that your data is secure and protected.  Our partnerships enable us to provide you with only the most reliable and updated technologies in the business.  Because we deploy only the best hardware protected by safe software, you c an rest assured that our solutions will compliment, not interfere, with your business.


A business can waste hours or even days trying to figure out what is needed or how to repair a technical disruption, not to mention trying to determine who to call to help resolve the issue at hand.  CME Technology is designed to offer one number to call for any question, need, problem, or solution needed for any type of business or industry.  We do not walk awy from challenges but provide solutions by offering our clients a wide-range of services.


Trusting us With Your Technical Needs


The CME Technology team is fully certified and/or degreed so you can rest assured that we possess the skills necessary to ensure our solutions run as expected.  We also participate in on-going education to keep up with the current technology and advancements taking place in the industry today.  Your technologist should be able to cover both yesterday and today's methodologies and infrastructure to offer a harmonious blend of budget and process improvement to your organization.




Our goal is simple, to Make Computers Easy for everyone.  A support call will never be turned away just because you have a home based business or work from a remote office location severeal states away.  


CME Technology provides support to:


Businesses -- Home Based Businesses -- Remote Office Users -- Individual Users


We team up with existing IT teams for:


Resource Backfill -- additional project resources -- SME (Subject Matter Expert) 



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