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Help Desk Services

We offer outsourcing for Help Desk (Service Desk) services that is reliable, fast, and staffed right here in the United States.  For call accountability, service, and tracking let CME Technology become your new call center and watch the dollars go back into the budget.  We can deploy, assign, and follow up with technicians nation wide.  
Help Desk

We offer a Call Center / Help Desk service that can accept all trouble calls from your staff.  These calls would then be logged, categorized, and assigned to a technican identified by your organization to handle (resolve).  


Monthly reports can be generated to review problem areas and work with our clients on how to reduce call volumes resulting in higher productivity.


We also have the ability to allow your staff to enter their own tickets if preferred in which we will host the system to ensure it's maximum up time.



Help Desk Plus 

Help Desk plus up to Level 1 troubleshooting expertise so your technicians can get a jump on solving the users issue reported.


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