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Managed Services

IT Project Management

Make your technical, cloud, web, or application projects come to life from ideation to actualization with CME Technology.  

As members of PMI we bring standardization and best practices to every company we serve.  Project documentation are constructed with clear budgets, timelines, and resources as provided by the client and managed accordingly through to completion.

If your application development queue is falling behind try our Scrum Master to help bring organization, accountability, and consistent communication to your team.  


Not sure which resource you need. Call to our office to talk through your projects to select the right option.   

Business Retainers


Small to mid-size businesses gain a full dedicated IT Team by selecting to become a retainer account of CME Technology.  

Companies benefit from outsourcing their IT Infrastructure by reducing resources, cost of operations, and payroll while receiving the personalized attention and customized support that promotes their organizations successes.

Various packages are available.  Select the package that best provides support for your organization.

IT Management Services

Additional services offered fill the gap that's missing on your organization.  We provide skilled professionals to provide the following: ​

  • Technology product search and procurement

  • Disaster Recovery planning, testing, and implementation

  • IT Vendor Management

  • IT Contract review, negotiation, and management

  • IT Budget and Licensing review, acquisition, and management

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